The Very Rev. Dr. Ronald E. Ramsey

Deacon In Residence

The Rev. Earl Christian


The Staff

Phyllis Holland-James - Director of Music
Carlton R. Benson - Sexton
Kai Viney - Parish Administrator

The Vestry

Laura L. Manigault (2018) Sr.Warden
Sam Ewell(2019) Jr.Warden
Lora Ham (2017) Register
Fiona Powell (2019)
Mary Tall Jackson (2019)
William Walls, Jr.(2019)
Juanita Alexander (2018)
Renee Escoffery-Torres (2018)
Cornelius A. Taylor, III (2018)
Jerome Sheppard (2017)
Renee Barnes (2017)
Kimberly Canty (2017)



Deborah R. Davis



Sylvester Newsome
L.C. Wyatt
Stanley Carnegie


Our Church Name

Saint Cyprian's church is named after Cyprian, the first Bishop of Carthage, North Africa 248-258). He spoke for reconciliation of the church with those who had denied their faith. Cyprian was beheaded for refusing to worship pagan gods and deny Christianity. Thus, he became a martyr of Christ's Church Universal.